Sea of Cover


A blend of all available cover crops.

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  • Good source of minerals.
  • Adds biomass.
  • Fixes nitrogen.
  • Feeds micro organisms.
  • Controls harmful nematodes.
  • Retains moisture.
  • Nitrogen scavenger.
  • Excellent weed suppression.
  • Low water usage.
  • drought tolerable.
  • provides biomass.
  • Attracts beneficial insects.
  • Earthworm “heaven”.
  • Used to break up heavy clay and condition soil.
  • Sunflowers are phyto-remediators and can be used to extract and remove excess heavy elements from the soil mass.
  • Heat tolerant.
  • Rich macro and micro nutrients.
  • Good forage crop.
  • Attractive host crop for nematodes.
  • Fast sprouting and rapid growing.

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