Molasses Chaff


Is made up of 75% high quality molasses absorbed on 25% sugar cane core. Excellent food for the micro-organisms in your soil. Provides sugars, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Sticky straw like meal.

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Benefits include:

• Good source of macro and micro-nutrients
• Excellent source of carbohydrates for micro-organisms
• Improves base quality of soil.
• Healthier plants (better colour, increased photosynthesis and stronger growth)
• Helps prevent build-up of harmful pathogens
• Reduces salt build-up that can cause nutritional problems.

Recommended Dosage and Application:

500g Molasses Chaff to 100L of soil ( mix in thoroughly prior to planting)
50g Molasses Chaff to 20L of water (stir thoroughly and soil drench according to the amount you would normally water) once a week is good.

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