Insect Frass


100% Organic and natural, made of minimum 11 different species of insects

The only immediately plant-available source of Chitin.

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Natures very own Bio-fertiliser and pesticide.

Fertilizer Group 2
Registration No: B5716 Act 36 of 1947
32.50g.kg N 12.40g.kg P 23.70g.kg K
6.40g.kg S 16.80g.kg Ca 7.10g.kg Mg

Herbs, Fruits and Vegetables
Soil preparation: Mix 1 cup of OrganiGROW per 6 Lt soil.
Frequency: Initial then as required.

Garden Plants, Shrubs & Trees
Use 1 cup per plant by sprinkling around the plant base, mix into soil for first 5 cm.
Frequency: Monthly

Grass Lawns
Evenly spread out over entire lawn using a ratio of 10 Lt per 100 sqm.
Frequency: Initial then as required

Small Indoor Plants
Mix in 5ml (1tsp) OrganiGROW per 0.5 Lt soil by sprinkling around base of plant, then mix into top 2 to 3 cm.
Frequency: Monthly

Flower Gardens
Soil preparation: Mix 1.5 Lt OrganiGROW per 10 Sqm into soil.
Frequency: Initial then as required

Hydroponic & Drip Systems
Make solution and strain as per
Root Drench instructions.
If used together with other feeding program, use 2 Tablespoons per 5 Lt.
For drip feed, pre mix into grow medium.

Foliar Spray & Teas
2 tsp / 5 Lt water, mix in
Let sit for 30 min
Strain and use within 2 hrs
Not in direct sunlight
Spray over leaves both sides
For teas, pour around stem and roots

Soil and General
Mix in prior to planting
Raised Beds & Rows: 1 Lt / 2 Sqm
Growing Season: 5 Lt / 10 Sqm
Pot Plants & Hanger Baskets:
3 tablespoons / 5 Lt soil
Topdress monthly:
2 tablespoons / 5 Lt soil.

Root Drench
1 cup / 5 Lt water, mix in
Let sit for 30/min
Strain and use within 2 hrs

Mix OrganiGROW at an approximate ratio of 1 Lt per 20 Lt compost.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 23 cm

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