Alfalfa Chaff (Aka Lucerne)


The shredded hay form of Alfalfa. An excellent mulching material.

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Benefits include;

Adds Organic Matter

Alfalfa adds organic matter to your soil, providing nutrients to plants. Its high nitrogen content also assists the decomposition of other organic material. Organic matter also helps to prevent compaction, improving soil structure and moisture retention.

Great Source of Minerals;

• nitrogen
• phosphorous
• potassium
• calcium
• sulfur
• magnesium
• boron
• iron
• zinc
With an approximate N-P-K ratio of 3-1-3.

Feeds Micro-organisms

Excellent food for the micro-life in your soil. Alfalfa has amino acids, fiber, protein and sugars in its stalks which they thrive off.
Alfalfa Chaff has a near perfect balance of carbon to nitrogen (24:1) which soil organisms require.

Stimulates Growth

Alfalfa contains triacontanol, a hormone which stimulates root growth, enhances photosynthesis, and increases beneficial microbes which help to suppress many soil-borne diseases.

Compost Booster.

Adding Alfalfa to your compost pile, acts as a stimulator by rapidly decomposing which creates heat which in turn helps decompose the rest of your compost. Finished compost will also have higher nutrient levels which means more nutrient dense crop.

Controls Harmful Nematodes.

A study in Italy showed that alfalfa pellets significantly reduced infestation of root-knot nematode on tomato plants, and cyst nematode on carrots. As an added bonus, yields for both tomatoes and carrots were increased in comparison to the control groups.


Excellent to use as a soil additive/amendment which is amazing food for living soil, 1kg to 50L soil recommended amount.

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