Tea Brewer Kit

What is compost tea?

Compost tea is a great way for the organic farmer to love their plants naturally. It is an organic, nutritionally rich; well balanced, fully active microbial life supplement made by steeping a blend of aged compost in water. Very simply, it is a liquid gold fertilizer for all your vegetables, flower and house-plants.

Benefits of compost tea:
An increase in nutrients
Microbial life booster for the soil
A decrease in diseases
Chemical free
Made with only organic Ingredients
Cost Effective

Our tea recipes have been well researched, tried, tested and approved by the Green Team of Orgranicraft. Our compost and additives are carefully sourced, consistent and of course 100% organic!

Our “veg tea is a nitrogen rich tea and is suited for use on all plants in the vegetative stage of cycle.

Our “flower tea” is a phosphorous rich tea that is best suited to all plants int he flowering stage of cycle.

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