Grow Tunnel

Designed for effectively and efficiently growing organic produce, the tunnel consists of high quality, locally sourced raw materials. The frame is constructed using Class 12 Unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride (UPVC) tubes in order to achieve a hard, rigid exoskeleton. This UPVC has Ultra Violet (UV) light stabilizers embedded within. The UPVC frame is then covered in high strength, 40% black & white veggie netting around the perimeter. This veggie netting allows for the through flow of air, creating a well-ventilated environment in which to grow.

The roof of the tunnel is covered in non-permeable, 185micron UV diffuse rip-stop plastic. This rip-stop design consists of a unique, modular criss-cross pattern that will not allow for holes or tears to propagate. The UV diffuse also allows for a more consistent spectrum of light distribution within the tunnel.

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