Base Grow Bag

Designed to be ergonomic with signature aesthetics, the OrganiCraft grow bags provide optimal root zone conditions and the most practical home for your plants to thrive in.

The advantages of OrganiCraft Grow Bags are:

• Increased aeration at the root zone improving root health and nutrient up-take
• Improved gaseous exchange and evaporative cooling
• Improved drainage, reducing negative effects of over watering
• Prevents root confinement as air pruning occurs, increasing the density of fresh root tips
• Reduces transplant shock and root bound symptoms

We use a range of highly durable, non-degradable geotextile fabrics in the construction of our Grow Bags. These fabrics are designed for use in harsh environments, as they are UV resistant and suitable for co-existence with organic matter without any negative effects to the soil and water systems.

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