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Setting Up Your Organic Soil For The Best Success

Indoor Medium

The most important element in growing and setting your organic soil up for the best success is an excellent Grow Medium. At Organicraft, we have created various grow mediums to promote the best possible plant growth. Designed to provide optimal aeration to the root zone while managing the overall water efficiency and nutrient uptake for the plants. 

The various grow mediums we create are our Super Living Soil, Compost Blend or our Organicrafted Grow Medium available in an indoor and an outdoor mix. All mediums provide a whole host of benefits and will get you growing straight away.

Organic Soil

Our Super Living Soil 

Organicraft has created a Super Living Soil blend with the best ingredients to kick start your growth and boost the dormant micro-life within your grow medium. Our special blend of carefully selected ingredients is a super living soil for the organic growth of quality produce. This organic soil is an ideal foundation for No-Till horticultural practices. It consists of a combination of over 380 special mosses (imported from sustainable European bogs), organic and vermiculture composts, 72 essential mineral and trace elements, and Insect frass containing chitin from over 11 species, aeration enhancers and other natural additives like gypsum and bone meal. Everything a growing plant needs.

The medium is designed to provide optimal aeration to the root zone while managing the overall water efficiency and nutrient uptake. It is rich in macro-and micro-nutrients, with a balance of sugars, starches and proteins. The medium also provides a full spectrum of soil microbes and an inhabitable environment to attract your local IMOs.

The Best Compost Blend

Our compost blend is carefully selected and blended to ensure all the essential ingredients of healthy natural organic soil are available and ready to get your plants growing.

Organic Soil

Mixing Your Soil Using Our Grow Medium as a base

If you would like to mix your own organic soil using our Grow Medium, the best amendments to use are Alfalfa Pellets and Molasses Chaff. Please feel free to purchase your amendments from us separately. 

The grow medium can also be amended using our range of amendments found on the online store.

You can further turn your medium into the soil by adding 1 part compost blend to 1 part medium, this should be mixed and left to sit for 2-3months to develop, watering as you go.

Organic Soil
  • Alfalfa Pellets are the pelleted meal form of Alfalfa (also called Lucerne). Alfalfa is great for adding organic matter to the soil, providing nutrients to plants and assisting in the decomposition of other organic material due to its high nitrogen content. It’s also a great source of minerals, feeds micro-organisms, stimulates growth, boosts compost and controls harmful nematodes.
  • The Molasses Chaff introduces natural sugars into the medium, this gets all the good bacteria in the soil to start rapidly multiplying. Bacteria play a large role in the decomposition of organic matter and in turn, provide nutrients that the plants can then uptake to grow. 

*We always suggest mixing your organic soil, placing it in a bag and allowing it to rest for a few days before using it for planting.

To ensure that your amendments are thoroughly mixed with your Grow Medium follow these steps:

  • For small volumes, we suggest keeping things simple by mixing your Pellets and Chaff straight into the bag your medium comes in. Close up your bag and gently shake your bag, allowing the amendments to mix through your medium evenly. Check to see if your ingredients are evenly mixed and you’re good to grow.
  • To mix larger volumes, we suggest you empty all the contents of your grow medium and amendments out onto an appropriately sized piece of plastic. Mix by using a rake and raking the pile of ingredients flat and then raking the pile to the centre again. Repeat this once or twice until the medium is evenly mixed and use it from there. 

Take a look at all of our grow mediums here at Organicraft and all the other products we offer. From seed to harvest, we’ve got your grow covered.

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