Mixing your Organicrafted Grow Medium with the included amendments!

Mixing your Organicrafted Grow Medium with the included amendments!

Mixing your Organicrafted Grow Medium with the included amendments!

Hi Growers, here is a quick informational and guideline of how best to use our special Organicrafted Grow Medium.

There are two sizes available; 25Lt and 50Lt

*25Lt includes 500g of Alfalfa Pellets and 125g of molasses chaff packaged separately.

*50Lt includes 1kg of Alfalfa Pellets and 250g molasses chaff packaged separately.

The reason why the Alfalfa Pellets and Molasses Chaff are packaged separately is because these two ingredients work like a catalyst to kick start and boost the dormant micro-life within the grow medium.

The Molasses Chaff introduces natural sugars into the medium, this gets all the good bacteria in the soil to start rapidly multiplying, bacteria plays a large role in the decomposition of organic matter and in turn provides nutrients that the plants can then uptake to grow. The Alfalfa pellets are an additional and excellent nutritious food source for all the living elements within the medium to enjoy.


[it is always a good idea to mix your soil, place it in its bag and let it rest for a few days prior   to planting]

It is important to make sure that these two amendments are mixed in thoroughly with the Grow Medium for best results.  So here is what you do!

  • To keep it simple, when you are mixing a bag or two it’s easiest to throw the Pellets and Chaff into the bag that the medium comes in, hold the open side closed and gently shake the bag around working it from side to side to evenly mix the contents. Have a quick check to see in side that there is an even mix and off you grow.
  • If you need to mix a larger volume its suggested that you empty the contents of all the grow medium and amendments on to an appropriately sized piece of plastic and mix by raking the pile flat and then lifting the plastic up on the perimeter to create a pile in the centre again. Repeat once or twice until the medium is evenly mixed and then use from there.

*As our Organicrafted Grow Medium is a full living soil it is important to keep it alive so in saying that all living things need food and water to survive. Check out the following suggested blog posts;

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