Guideline and tips for watering when using Organicrafted Grow Bags.

Guideline and tips for watering when using Organicrafted Grow Bags.

Guideline and tips for watering when using Organicrafted Grow Bags.

Here is our general Rule of Thumb for watering when using our Grow Bags. Important point to remember here is that the breathability and optimal drainage of the Grow Bag has huge benefits, but it does mean that you need to stay on top of watering specially in the hotter times of the year.

We recommend on average you need to apply 10% of your soil volume in water each day.

Eg. 50L of medium = 5L water on average per day.

 (This is a general guideline only)

*On cool misty or cloudy days, you might only need to water 5Lt every 2 days and on extremely hot sunny or cloudy days you may need to water 5Lt twice a day. This is why we say on AVERAGE its 10% of soil volume in water once a day!

Although there are many variables; plant size, point in life cycle, weather/climate (seasonal) etc. This is a good place to start and must be ‘tweaked’ by the grower’.

*Remember! You are the student and the plant is the teacher! [some wise guy], The life of the plant is a direct result of the complex living system of the soil in your Grow Bag and the plant will most certainly tell you when it needs more water. Observe your plants closely with everything you do, take note of how they react to better understand their nature and know what they want before they have to ask for it.

Tips for watering:

  • Early morning is the best time of day to water. On super-hot days don’t be afraid to water a second time around midday.
  • Avoid watering in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Water the soil, not the plant!
  • Watering cans are ideal to gauge water volumes.

*Best practice: is to water in two sessions, for example, apply half the intended volume of water per Grow Bag and then minutes later apply the remaining half. This may seem a little tedious, but we assure you it’s worth doing. The theory is that the first half of the water softens the mulch and top layer of soil, loosening any existing water pathways that may have formed since the last water. The second half of the water that is applied a few minutes later breaks these water pathways down and a far more even saturation of the soil mass is achieved.

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