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Best Watering Practices for Your Organicraft Growbags

Best Watering Practices for Your Organicraft Growbags

Our Organicraft Growbags are ergonomically designed with signature aesthetics and provide optimal root zone conditions. Our bags are the most practical home for your plants to thrive in and have many advantages. 

Our Growbags provide increased aeration at the root zone, improving root health and nutrient uptake. They improve gas exchange, evaporative cooling and drainage and reduce the harmful effects of overwatering. Organicraft Growbags also prevent root confinement as air pruning occurs, increasing the density of fresh root tips.

We use a range of highly durable and non-degradable geotextile fabrics to construct our Growbags. They are UV resistant and suitable for co-existence with organic matter without any negative effects on the soil and water systems. It’s easy to see why our Growbags are the best in SA!

Best Watering Practices for Your Organicraft Growbags

Different Types of Growbags

The Organicraft Growbags come in two variations: our Pro Growbags and Base Growbags. We also supply Grow Beds for those looking for a bigger solution.

Pro Bags are made with a double layer of material, a grey inner lining and a coloured outer lining that comes in various colours. Our Pro Growbags’ exteriors are reinforced for added strength and durability. They are available in an extensive range of sizes from 3 litres to 150 litres. Custom embroidery can also be added to our bags on request.

Our Base Growbags have a single layer of material with the option of grey or black handles. The colour of the bags varies due to the nature of the recycled material used. These bags come in various sizes and types. Our transplanter bags are available from a 1.25-litre size and our EZ Planters are available from a 3-litre size and are available on request for any size Growbag. Our standard Base Growbags are available in sizes from 3 litres to 150 litres.

Our Grow Beds are designed in the same style as our Pro Growbags but they offer added support, flame retardant properties and a modular design. The beds make use of a weatherproof and UV stabilised UPVC frame which is connected by custom corner moulds. These beds are ideal for patios or verandas, inside grow tents and tunnels. They are available in a variety of sizes as well. 

Best Watering Practices for Your Organicraft Growbags

Watering Guideline

Our Growbags are formulated to allow breathability and optimal drainage, this means that especially in the hotter months of the year, watering your plants needs to stay a top priority. 

Water amounts will also vary depending on plant type, size, point in its lifecycle, seasons & weather etc. We recommend that your daily watering amount is equivalent to 10% of your soil volume i.e. 50l of grow medium = 5l of water on average per day.*

*Please note this is merely a guide. On cooler days, you may need to only water the 5l every second day; on scorching hot days, you may need to water 5l twice a day. Please use your own discretion.

Never forget that you are the student and your plant is the teacher (what a wise guy)! Within your Growbag is the complex living system of the soil and the life of your plant is a direct result of that. Observe, feel and listen to your plants closely – they will tell you when they need more water. You will also get a better understanding of their nature and learn what they need before they need it. 

Best Watering Practices for Your Organicraft Growbags

Our Best Watering Practices

We have several best practices when it comes to watering your plants in our Organicraft Growbags:

  • The best time to water your plants is in the early morning. 
  • Avoid watering in the afternoon or evening as the sun evaporates the water before the soil and roots can soak it up and can even heat up your root zone on very hot summer days
  • Use a watering can or jug – they are the ideal way to gauge your water volumes.
  • We suggest splitting your watering amount into two sessions, one after the other with a few minutes between. This allows the first few litres of water to soften the mulch and top layer of soil, loosening any existing water pathways that formed during the previous water. The second few litres of water will break the water pathways down resulting in a greater saturation of the soil mass.

We hope you found this piece helpful to your growing journey. To read more informative guides on growing and horticulture, please see our blog section. Be sure to also take a look at our store for our full range of Organicraft products

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