Liam's Durban Poison

One of our best customers Liam has been growing for almost 5 years. Liam is based in Durban, KZN and he recently created a batch of beautiful Durban Poison, Sativa Cannabis. The grow brand’s he used for this harvest were Organicraft, Madumbi and VitaSoil.

Planting Info

Plant Type


Plant Strain

Durban Poison



Number Planted


Planting Date

23rd January 2022

Days of Growth


Days of Flowering


Total Days of Grow from Planting to Harvest



1m / 30kg dry

Growing Environment

Liam used one of the Organicraft Pro Growbags with our Super Living Soil as his grow medium. 90% of the grow, the plants were kept outdoor and undercover during intense weather. “I used AgriSil K50 to build plant resistance and alfalfa chaff for nutrition and I watered the plants every day between 7 and 8.” 

Grow Results

Flower quality: 
Flavour rating: 

How the grow went

The germination stage was super successful, all seedlings came up within a few days. In my soil, I used AgrilSil K50 to build plant resistance and stress tolerance.