About Us


All plants, all shapes and all sizes, organic growing fits all. We will get you growing from the ground up.

Our mission is to educate the public about organic horticulture. We aim to provide the highest quality organic growing products to the worldwide market. We strive to ensure that we always utilize environmentally friendly processes.


We at Organicraft have been growing all our lives, taught at the roots of nature and are continuously learning. We are all from different backgrounds unified by the desire to grow.

Our approach to organics utilizes base organic ingredients, which come from nature itself. We always strive to mimic the natural cycle of life to breakdown and recreate. With these “new” ways of approaching growing long since forgotten, we would love to start building the knowledge base for generations to come. This requires your help too! You play the most important part in our story and we appreciate it. Together, we can learn from one another and grow our future.

Be assured that we are committed to helping others learn and grow, and happily make ourselves available to assist with your growing needs. Whether it be learning from each other’s experiences, or sourcing natural organic ingredients to develop soil ecology, we are here to assist you.

One day we hope to live in a world where regenerative agriculture and organic growing are widely practiced, helping us give back to nature.